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Nicole Lupton


At the age of fourteen I was very ill and struggled for years with my health and even today still find the mental scares sketched onto my life. It has become who I am, not defining me, but certainly shaping my life decisions and art. The whole experience had been overwhelming, but stepping outside into nature I was overrun with how completely and utterly beautiful it was. It gripped me in its hands and has never let go. It was a huge turning point in my life helping me to see things clearly, what was important to me, how I wanted to live my life and what I wanted to bring to you. It was the start of me as an artist, I wanted to capture the beauty that I saw in nature and show it to the rest of the world, so you could also see the glimmer of hope and the joy wildlife and mother nature can bring. My work was developed from a formal training in Costume design (BA Hons in Costume with Performance Design, AUCB), where I pursued an interest in artistic costume, graduating with first class honours. But my path as an artist didn't start until I met an external examiner (who has been a textile artist for many years) in the last month of university, who was to give me advice that would change my life. Following this I moved to Cornwall (having previously lived in the New Forest) and set myself up as a textile artist, to develop my style and start my artist career. Having moved, my family was soon to follow as they too fell in love with the beautiful countryside and peace it offers. Which has made Cornwall perfect for me, as my mum has brought be through my darkest days, supporting me as an artist without her by my side I don't know where I would be. Today you will often find me wandering the Cornish countryside, overseeing with a keen eye mother nature at her finest, snapping and sketching the characteristics of all kinds of creatures. From the smallest insect hiding in the warmth of the long grass, to the vast landscapes that cover the horizon. I will go to lengths to find inspiration, which often finds me kayaking on the River Tamar, which can be tricky to keep the kayak steady, whilst sketching and not get wet! Though I truly believe that my best works are those evoked through memories and from real experiences that I integrate into my art and bring back to my studio. Within my art, I use a wide range of textile techniques to create my three-dimensional art, the main being fabric dyes, quilting and freehand embroidery. I use these techniques to capture and conceptually emulate aspects of nature that I have found beautiful. This beauty I find serves as a reminder of the importance of the natural world, and how we should endeavour to preserve it. I wish to bring a smile to your face and spread wildlife's infant joy through my artworks. For more information and artworks visit www.nsltextileart.co.uk Where you can also sign up to my monthly newsletter for the latest new and exclusive artwork.

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