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Stuart Law


Painter, Textile Designer & Printer 07544703540



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I grew up in Cornwall and trained in Falmouth and Manchester.

I returned to Cornwall 20 years ago to take up a teaching post in Fowey.

During that time, I have always exhibited my own work.

My range of acrylics on canvas cover a wide range of themes

that reflect the colours and textures of the Cornish landscape.

From the calm of woodlands and rivers, to the ruggedness of the moors and coastline.

From the blaze of colour of flowers in our Cornish hedgerows & gardens to the paraphernalia of the fishing trade on the quayside, there is something for all to enjoy.

My watercolour range focuses mainly on plants and flowers.

They are heavily influenced by the Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints with

their fading colours in the background, black ink outlines,

sweeping, diagonal compositions and long slim format.


Gyotaku – Monoprinting with real fish!

(‘Gyo’ = fish, ‘taku’ = rubbing in Japanese).

The traditional method used by Japanese fishermen to record their catch.

They would coat the fish in squid ink then press the fish on the deck

leaving an impression of their ‘trophy’ catch.

I use acrylic paint rather than squid ink for the initial monoprint.

I use acrylic or gouache to paint the eyes and highlight the fins.

Although 15 – 25 pieces may be printed with one fish during a session

no one piece is the same as another, each piece is unique and an original.

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